What can The Uniform Studio do for you?

We are an industry leader in providing beautiful, contemporary and hard wearing garments; Hospitality uniforms, Retail uniforms and Hotel uniforms.

Our team experience expands years in work wear and high end fashion will work with you to communicate the integrity of your brand to your customers and employees.

Below are the list of our services:


We work with you to understand your brand and design practical yet stylish uniforms to enhance your brand integrity and communicate this to both your customers and employees. Our exceptionally talented team are able to use their corporate wear and high-end fashion experience to portray the right image for your brand with functionality in tact.


Our sensitivity to changing trends means, your uniforms can be as contemporary or traditional as you wish.


Our carefully selected range of hard-wearing fabrics ensure durability whilst enabling the wearer to perform their tasks comfortably and safely. Our suppliers value high environmental standards to reduce environmental impacts. We believe the durability of our garments play an important role here by providing long-term solutions to uniforms therefore reducing waste.


Lois & Chris work very closely with each client to ensure the brief is fully understood and the job is delivered beyond your expectations.   We are lucky enough to have a wonderful team of very highly skilled and experienced designers, production managers & pattern-cutters that work collaboratively on each individual uniform project.  We want to make you and ultimately your employees happy and proud to wear their uniforms that in turn will give them the confidence to do the job at hand.


Lois Hill

Creative Direction
The Uniform Studio’s Designer & Co-founder Lois Hill began her career working as a fashion stylist whilst interweaving the design and execution of theatre costumes and big budget productions in Ibiza.
Not wanting to be dictated to by seasons as well as being driven by styles and the creation of images rather than fashion, Lois set up a business in designing clothing for events that branched into bespoke uniforms as her curiosity and skills for designing tailored garments grew. Three years later Lois felt the business needed more focus and a fresh injection of skills. The Uniform Studio was founded by Lois and Chris, combining a perfect skill set and vast experience.

It is dressing real people that excites Lois — with over 20 years experience in creating looks and images for a spectrum of clients in retail, hotel, food and beverage industries as well as fashion and entertainment she has a true belief that in doing a good job, The Uniform Studio can provide the tools for creating a desired identity for people, give them pride where it might be lacking and a positive sense of belonging to their organisation or brand.

Christopher Meeten

Sales & Marketing Director
Having grown up around the cutting rooms of tailors in the East End of London Chris has an intrinsic understanding of what it takes to make a well cut garment.

Having worked in a number of different industries for several years, Chris returned to tailoring, when he was provided with the opportunity to work for a bespoke suit company. Chris enrolled in an extensive training program led by some of the countries finest tailors gaining a broad knowledge of garment construction, pattern cutting and fabric types. Allowing time to shine in on new attained skills.

The opportunity then came to work at a bespoke uniform company within the ‘Sales and Marketing team’, bringing onboard new clients and integrating them into the company processes. Chris excelled in this role and was instrumental in transforming the company into one of the market leaders.

However, Chris felt there was still plenty of room for improving the overall service offered to clients. A chance meeting occurred between Chris and Lois and after realising they shared the same values in how clients should be serviced it was only a matter of time before THE UNIFORM STUDIO was founded.