Work Wear

Form and Function

Form and Function are three words that I come back to when at the drawing board for a new design. I try to balance the two in equal measure, something crucial in work-wear. Not only must the wearer feel at ease, comfortable and happy by wearing the garment, the garment must perform several functions not only for the wearer but for the client, brand and/or venue.

For many years I have been inspired by the teachings of the Bauhaus movement – a school set up in Germany in the 1920’s that informs modern design like no other has since. Their Ethos of Design – ‘Functionalism’ still informs us here at The Uniform Studio. The recent addition of our online shop for example has been set up for to make our;

‘goods affordable to most people rather than just to the elite’ – a concept from the heart of the Bauhaus teachings.

Recently visiting the new aspirational and rather wonderful thinking space of The Design Museum in London (which we have recently kitted out!), three other words have been brought to my attention:


A path that must be well thought out and executed at each stage. The designer must take heed of the user and the maker must be able to interpret the designers ideas. None of these positions take president over the other. As with the concept of form and function they are all of equal value and consequence.

Lois Hill (Creative Director @ The Uniform Studio)